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Root a Mac with Hak5

Hak5 does an episode based on my article regarding rooting a mac in 10 seconds. Find the full tutorial here.

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Root a Mac in 10 seconds or less

Often times, physical access to a machine means game over. While people like to think that OSX is immune to most security threats, even Apple computers can be susceptible to physical attacks. Mac OSX is capable of booting into single

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OSX Backdoor – Persistence

OSX has a very unique approach to fending off malware. Rather than using built-in antivirus software to discover and remove malware off of a system, OSX attempts to solve this problem by using the opposite approach. Rather than rejecting executables

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OSX Backdoor – Camera Control

Before following this tutorial, first read OSX Backdoor – Persistence. Cameras come built-in on practically every Mac on the market. What’s even more interesting is that these cameras do not require special user permissions to access. This means that pictures can

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Covert operations as easy as Pi

So I recently obtained a new Raspberry Pi this week. Being as though many owners have already used the Pi as a simple web server, I found that it would be interesting to use this tiny computer for covert ‘analysis’ of remote

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Stopping Backdoors

As described in the previous tutorial OSX Backdoor – Persistence, we learned how easy it is to implement a simple backdoor onto any OSX system. Since our backdoor is comprised of lower level Launch Agents and shell scripts, it is essentially

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